Telephony Services

Why Do 1 Million Phone Systems Run Asterisk?

Simple, flexible, affordable and OPEN communications.

Whether you need a flexible office phone system or a custom telephony solution this is perfect for your business!


Proven ROI

Proven ROI

Use any phone providers for any of your calling needs

Proven reliability, availability

Proven reliability, availability

Rock-steady and scalable for SMB or Enterprise (failover too!)

Unlimited customization

Unlimited customization

Open Source-based so you can freely integrate anywhere

Completely standards-based

Completely standards-based

Standards-based design ensures compatibility w/ any device

Designed <em>your</em> way

Designed your way

Custom communications solutions fit any business process or location

Every feature is available

Every feature is available

Every telephone feature is included, at no extra cost

What Can Asterisk UC Do?

Asterisk is a complete Unified Communications system that can perform any advanced communications function, without the monthly fees to go along. Forget the phone company — your business now has the power to eliminate the phone company.

IVR / Auto Attendant & ACD

Unlimited usage & intelligence baked right into every system

Speech Applications

Multilingual Text-to-Speech and Speech Recognition available

Call Conferencing

Stop paying high usage fees & host your own teleconference


Unlimited voicemail boxes, for every function required

Call Recording, Whisper, Barge

Powerful Call Center features included, at no extra charge

Unified Messaging & Communication

At work, home or on the road, stay seamlessly connected


Voice over IP TCO reduction, works simultaneously with PSTN reliability (SIP, T1/E1, Analog)

Call Reporting

Advanced CDR reports in real-time on sales campaigns, customer service, etc.

In The Cloud

Not For all Businesses

Hosted private branch exchange (PBX) systems can be attractive for companies looking to cut back on voice communications costs. However, hosted PBX systems are not a good fit for everyone.  The upper limit to the number of PBX extensions that can be supported is around 1,000, which may or may not be appropriate for a large installation. However, this can be addressed for large sites by configuring multiple hosted systems to support individual departments and single employees.  Having multiple systems to support this load however may make cloud hosted PBX systems less cost effective.

Another concern is whether your Internet provider has sufficient network bandwidth and that the virtual machine has sufficient system horsepower to support your business load. The value of hosted PBX systems can be significant in a disaster, but only if they are planned carefully and used in the proper context.  A cloud based PBX should only be considered if your business has a rock solid internet connection.

Same Features Without a Server!

Full featured cloud hosted IP-PBX services leveraging best-of-breed Linux virtualization and IP-PBX switching technologies. A welcomed alternative to typical hosted PBX offerings, CloudPBX is based on the powerful Asterisk IP-PBX switching software, and has four years of successful deployment and service in the marketplace processing hundreds of millions of phone calls. The CloudPBX feature-set combined with its low cost of ownership makes for a superior business telecom solution compared to traditional premise-based PBX systems using older TDM technology.

Sometimes Better than Hosted PBX System

Typical hosted PBX solutions in the market today are based on a large, centralized monolithic PBX platform. These are usually custom-built in-house and very expensive to maintain. More importantly, they are nearly impossible to customize and tailor specic features to individual customers, as the entire platform needs to be updated just to add a small feature or customization for one particular client.  

CloudPBX takes a unique approach to using individual virtual Linux containers as apposed to the large centralized monolithic PBX platform, allowing for high levels of system customization and personalization to quickly meet the needs of your business.  Using existing best-in-class open source technologies for the Linux Operating system, virtualization platform and the IP-PBX itself, we are able to keep the costs to maintain the PBX platform very low, ultimately passing these cost savings on to your business. 

On Premise PBX Systems

Xorcom telephony systems harnesses the power of Linux and the Asterisk® open-source platform to design and produce leading-edge modular and scalable hardware telephony solutions for commercial installations of all sizes. Easy to install and maintain, Xorcom solutions are also
cost-effective since there are no per user license fees.
With Xorcom’s CompletePBX you can:
  • Reduce upgrade costs by using existing IP telephones or SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) clients.

  • Easily integrate third party products via the open application programmable interface.

  • Avoid getting stuck with an outdated system; as part of the service package, Xorcom offers support, maintenance, and upgrades.

Xorcom’s CompletePBX includes the following standard features:
  • Simple Management: desktop call management; visual voicemail; browser-based administration

  • Efficient Communications: smart phone integration; unified messaging; presence management; conference bridges; video calling; outbound fax (CXE and CTS series)

  • Inbound Call Center/Customer Service Aids: call recording; graphical call reporting; integrated chat; unlimited auto attendants…and much more!

Twin Geckos can help you design, install, and implement your new phone system whether your company needs a simple 4 line phone system or a sofisticated system with hundreds of lines!