Affordable and Robust Linux Based Servers

Open source technology can benefit your organization - if you are able to implement it and have the right partner to see you through to success. Our Linux Server Consulting Services provide you with an effective way to implement open source software in your environment. With our support you can speed deployment processes, effectively integrate your new open source solution with the rest of your software stack. There are numerous benefits of open source solutions to an organization. Few of them are stated below:

  • Direct cost benefits, lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)
  • High ROI (Return on Investment)
  • One time investment – no license costs
  • Continuity and availability of updates at no cost
  • Freedom of open source and flexibility of customization

Our services for Linux is designed to provide a structured, standardized approach to the installation and configuration of the CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian or Red Hat Linux Server or any other suitable distro of Linux operating system.

Linux is an open platform that can be the foundation for almost anything your business needs.  

  • Domain controllers to allow your Windows desktops 
  • File servers to allow your staff to share files efficiently
  • Web servers to share your business with the world
  • Database servers to harnes your business' data
  • Phone systems and telephony applications
  • Cloud based servers that you can scale up and down based on business needs.