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Twin Geckos Technology Services LLC are Open Source specialists that provide business computer services, low-cost server infrastructure, highly flexible phone systems with no per user license fees, and database services.  We are a small company that provides honest services at reasonable rates. Our focus is on building Open Technology systems to provide lower-cost business infrastructure, remote and on-site computer services, and upgradable flexible telephone systems built to your specific needs, which can scale up as your business grows. 

The Rise of Open Source Software

Odds are you're already using Open Source Software directly and indirectly. For example, most of the servers on the Internet run on Open Source web server software, Android phones run a Linux based open source software operating system, and even embedded in products you buy. 

Here are some examples of where open source software is used that people might not expect:

  • Automotive: Many cars now use open source software for their infotainment systems, navigation systems, and other features. For example, Tesla uses open source software for its autopilot feature.
  • Aerospace: Open source software is used in a variety of aerospace applications, including aircraft design, flight control systems, and navigation systems. For example, NASA uses open source software for its Mars rovers.
  • Medical: Open source software is used in a variety of medical applications, including medical imaging, patient records, and clinical decision support systems. For example, the World Health Organization (WHO) uses open source software for its malaria control program.
  • Education: Open source software is used in a variety of educational applications, including learning management systems, educational games, and simulations. For example, Khan Academy uses open source software for its educational videos and exercises.
  • Government: Open source software is used by governments around the world for a variety of applications, including public records, e-government services, and national security. For example, the U.S. Department of Defense uses open source software for its war games and simulations.

These are just a few examples of where open source software is used that people might not expect. Open source software is becoming increasingly popular in a wide variety of industries.


Our mission is to: 

  • Craft affordable solutions that provide implementation, support, and maintenance beyond the completion of the project 
  • Address our client's problems and concerns hastily
  • Recommend impartial solutions to our clients at all times 
  • Endeavor to maintain the highest standards of client service, from concept to design and completion of the project 


We understand that recurring business costs that do not add to your bottom line can kill your business, so everything we recommend considers those costs, and we try to find the least cost and low-cost options for your company that still provides enterprise level quality. Our phone systems, for example, provide an extreme amount of flexibility.  If your company has a solid Internet connection and conducts almost all business online, via email, and using video chat, then you might choose to have your telephone service provided completely by Voice Over IP and use a virtual fax number to send and receive faxes. Since VOIP telephone numbers from a reliable provider like costs $2 or less per month, and the per minute charges are $0.02 per minute or less, then your yearly cost for telephone and fax service could be less than what you pay for one month of a typical phone line while providing you unlimited number of calls and faxes. Some customers that fit this profile pay less than $30/year for their telephone service. If your company currently has multiple phone lines with one dedicated for faxing (which you need because you send many faxes), you have a rock solid Internet connection, and you wish to have working telephone service even during an Internet outage, then all but two phone lines could be removed and replaced with Voice over IP service. VOIP telephony allows for increased call volume when your company is busy without the cost of additional phone lines and you only pay more when you actually use more. Our other server technologies have similar flexibility and are based on Open Technology, which does not require your company to pay for recurring licensing fees. We don't want to lock you in or hold you captive as it violates our core principles. 


Enterprise Telephony Solutions for Any Sized Business!

  • Much Lower Costs and Superior Features
  • No per user license fees!
  • Streamlined maintenance for total local control
  • Built-in features normally requiring additional licenses like advanced call routing based, Call Detail Record reporting, Call monitoring, Call Queuing, Conference rooms, Interactive Voice Response menus, and more!
  • We can configure your system to work the way your business needs!

Linux Based Servers

Linux is Enterprise quality UNIX like the operating system which follows the open source software development and distribution model. We can provide with a wide variety of services to your business using Linux based solutions known for legendary reliability and much lower maintenance costs. No matter what your current situation, we will provide support from beginning to end. If you just need to configure a few settings on your existing Linux Servers, our technicians are ready to help. Contact us today and we’ll get started creating the infrastructure your business needs.


We know Windows Too!

While our focus is on supporting Linux based solutions, we can also assist with your Windows maintenance on a monthly schedule.  Windows computers are primarily supported as clients to our Linux based solutions so that your business can just work. We do not however provide ad hoc support for Windows computers since it would be a drain from our primary focus.


Database Services

Twin Geckos provides a range of Oracle, MariaDB, and MySQL datababase services including:

  • Database modeling and database design
  • Database administration
  • Database cloning
  • Database patching, upgrades, and other maintenance
  • Database application development using Oracle Application Express
  • Database Reporting